Top 5 computer gadgets to buy

There are various people in this world who are tech-savvy and love to shop for trendy gadgets for their laptops. There are various kinds of gadgets available for the computers, but choosing for the best one takes a lot of research.

Here, is the list of the classic computer gadgets that is must have for your laptop:

MacBook USB Hub:

The world’s leading giant Apple has brought the amazing MacBook USB Hub for the MacBook laptops. If you are a MacBook laptop user, then this stunning MacBook USB Hub is the must buy for you.

MacBook have just one single port which is used for charging of the laptop and connecting to different peripheral devices. This icing on the cake is that, USB hub manages all of it with a single connection. This is the reason Apple’s MacBook is the slimiest laptop. But, if the adapter is not used to make them fit, all of the USB peripherals turns to be out of date.

USB hubs are very helpful as it enables the legacy peripherals with the USB hub ports.

Triple screen for your laptop:

Triple screen for laptop

Are you a multi-tasking person? You might be feeling wonderful to use your laptop for more than one use at a single time, but screen size must be the limitation. For all those kind of multi-tasking person, there is a feature-gadget for their laptop, which triples your laptop screen. This ultimate gadget is available for all the trendy laptops from 13 to 17 inches of all the brands. This slim accessory is meant for all those laptop users who love to do perform various functions on the laptop, all at once. This is the portable device which is connected to a single USB. The other screen enhances the productivity by 9 to 50 percent, so this is the lovely investment for all the multi-tasking persons. The icing on the cake for this wonderful gadget is that you can turn the other screens to 180 degree for sharing what you see with other people seating around the table.

Trendy projection mouse is the amazing computer gadget:

projection mouse

Many of the computer mouses are made of plastic, metal or the glass. But, it is the tech world. In today’s date, a virtual mouse has been created beamed from a laser projector. This wonderful laser projection mouse is termed as OdiN. This wonderful gadget for the laptop has been created by Serafim Technologies. The users who purchase this product, gets the small projector which can be placed on top of a table, and can be connected to a PC through its USB port. This mouse appears to be very ravishing too.

Wireless scanner mouse:

wireless scanner mouse device

Zcan wireless mouse is the trendy feature-rich gadget which must be used for the iPad, MacBook, tablet or the laptop. Zcan wireless is quite simple to use, for scanning something you just need to swipe the mouse back and forth. And all the scanned documents can be swiftly edited in the word or the excel straight away. The icing on the cake for using this gadget is that, all the scanned information can be searchable, that is you can get rid of your paper versions and all those heavy box-files. Through this amazing gadget for the laptop, you can easily complete any job anytime. It is the perfect gadget for the computer, which is used to scan anything of any size. Be it a photo, a receipt, a cash coupon, or any damn document printed in a foreign language. This wonderful gadget will enhance your efficiency to work and decreases your workload too.

Motion Controller:

Motion controller is yet another gadget for the laptops, which helps the laptop users in lot many ways. It is mostly used in the industrial processes for moving the specific load in the controlled manner. This amazing gadget consists of algorithms to close the desired loop and also in managing the machines interfacing along with the input /outputs, terminals, etc. Motion controllers helps for generating motion paths and for reacting to the changes in the different environment. Controllers are wonderful gadgets which has ability to control the peripherals like monitor. Controllers are designed to send the signals to the drive, the drive which provides power to the motor. Motion controllers are designed for controlling the motion. These are mostly based on PC. There are various high level motion controllers which are action packed with features.


So, these are the wonderful gadgets which are must-haves for the computers or the laptop. They help in various ways to the user.

Well, now one must have the trendy computer or the laptop to have these extras.

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