7 Best Cafes and Patisseries in Dubai

September 4th is being celebrated as eat an extra dessert day! There are numerous people in this world who have got a sweet tooth. They love to eat sweet dishes. There are various kinds of sweet dishes which you can eat, like pastry, ice creams, to name a few.

If you love to try foods of various places, then here is the trendy list of 7 best cafes and patisseries in Dubai:

There are various kinds of cafes in Dubai, at different locations. There are some classy cafes and patisseries which you would love to visit, to munch on your favorite dessert or yummy food.

You will find a lot of cafes and patisseries located at various malls, which offers delicious cakes, pastries, cupcakes and many more toothsome desserts.

Top 7 cafes and patisseries located in Dubai:

#1 Panini Cafe:


Located at the Grand Hyatt Dubai, Panini cafe serves appetizing coffee for the coffee lovers. The icing on the cake is that, this cafe is being surrounded by the lush greenery which grab the eyeballs of the food lovers who come to sit there and eat. This cafe also offers the coffee shake to the dessert lovers in the world.

You will also find some quick bites like sandwiches in this cafe. The best venue to have your favorite dessert in Dubai. It is best known for the cakes and coffees based drinks.

#2 Cafe Bateel:

This is yet another leading cafe in Dubai, which is well known name for serving an assorted range of dates and also yummy desserts having dates as the main ingredient. Along with dates, this cafe also serves deluxe chocolates and yummy pastries. Dates are the important part of food for UAE people.

#3 Baker & Spice:


Baker & Spice are yet another class venue to enjoy yummy dessert with your friends on eating an extra dessert day. This place serves the yummy homemade baked foods to the food lovers who drop by for eating at this place. While enjoying the tasty food, the food lovers also enjoy the picturesque of the amazing Burj Khalifa and classy Dubai Fountains, which looks just marvelous.

#4 La Gaufrette:

La Gaufrette has been the favorite charming place to enjoy food with your family and friends, where you can find yummy desserts. It is a household name for waffles and desserts. On this eat an extra dessert day, head towards this La Gaufrette for quenching your hunger with some delicious desserts of vast varieties. This place also serves some yummy ice creams for the people who are fond of eating desserts to the extreme. There are around 15 best food in the world-eat outside day, which must also be tried with your friends and family.

#5 Jones The Grocer:


Jones The Grocer is yet another class venue to enjoy your favorite cake. This place serves tempting and mouth-watering cakes of different varieties to the people who love eating desserts to the core. The best place to enjoy your favorite cake with your best friend or relatives or family. This amazing place is located with natural lighting, which creates the beautiful ambiance for the dessert lovers.

#6 Vivel Patisserie:

Vivel patisserie is also highly favored place for the food lovers in Dubai. It is best known for yummy and delicious chocolates, macrons, marzipan. This place also serves quality-oriented Arabic biscuits of different flavors.

The best known place for serving an assorted range of sweet treats for the people who have got a sweet tooth.

#7 Paul Cafe:

Paul cafe has been yet another class cafe which serves around 100+ multifarious types of cakes and the pastries for the people who are too fond of eating cakes and the pastries to the core. Along with dining at the cafe, people enjoy the marvelous scenic view of Dubai.

Closing Thoughts:

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