Place of Exciting Adventure: Abu Dhabi

There are multifarious adventurous sports of Abu Dhabi, which will make you jump out of your skin. Abu Dhabi is the best location for the adventurous sports, because of the class natural surroundings, the desert, the sea, marvelous landscape that will make you go awe. You can also travel to the best 15 tourist attractions of Dubai, UAE

Some of the class adventures of Abu Dhabi are:

Desert driving or Desert Safari:

The lovely adventure that must be explored at Abu Dhabi is desert driving. Well, there are some myths about desert safari, but they are not true.


You can hire a 4×4 seater car, or take your own car to the mesmerizing sandy desert, a Hummer can just cruise the desert’s unique land and enjoy the lovely dunes to the core.

Another kind of 4×4 adventures will make you feel over the moon, like a mountain over the rocks, the unchartered land, then also streams and pools of water, etc. The prices for these adventures are 300AED.

Wonderful Wadi Bashing:

Wadi bashing is yet another class adventure of Abu Dhabi, which will make you jump out of your skin. It is just like riding a four wheel drive vehicle through the wonderful Wadis in Abu Dhabi.

Other marvelous adventures of Abu Dhabi are in the sand, like Sand Boarding and quad bike riding. You can also try rock climbing in Abu Dhabi. The awesome place for rock climbing is Al Ain’s Jebel Hafeet.

Dazzling activity-Dune Buggying


A dune buggy (also called as quad bike) is a classy vehicle just like an open jeep, but it is low on the ground having trendy wheels, exclusively designed for using on desert sands.

These kind of dune buggies are of 1500 cc and are operated by the manual gears which will thrill you to pieces, just like a natural roller-coaster when it goes up and down the dunes.

Another adventure is Powerboat racing:

You don’t need to be a pro in racing, for this adventure. You can enjoy taking the high powered jet boat out, you will surely have an adrenaline rush by this adventure.


Once the water is just sucked through the bottom of the boat and it is shot out from the back side, you will have goosebumps for sure.

Scuba diving is another lovely adventure:

The marine life of the Gulf, makes the diving, a top-class adventure sport. Into scuba diving, you will get to explore exotic marine life, wonderful sailfish, barracuda, etc.

You would feel over the moon while discovering underwater sea life. There are other different kinds of sports, which can be relished on the water in Abu Dhabi.



This is yet another adventure, which will give you goosebumps. Many people have this adventure sport as a dream, and Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for making this dream come true.

You would love the speed of free falling, when you will jump from the airplane. You would feel as i you are flying in the sky like a bird, and if you explore this adventure with open eyes, you would love to see the marvelous view of Abu Dhabi beneath you.

If you never ever jump from an airplane at the height of 13000 feet, then you can start a tandem jump where you will jump attached to the professional inspector.

A professional jump will start from just 1500AED.


So, above listed are the adventurous sports to be explored in Abu Dhabi, and you will love them to the core.

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