10 Burgers to try in Dubai on Cheeseburger day

Cheeseburger day is celebrated annually on 18th of September.

Do you love travelling to new places to eat yummy food? Are you a burger lover?
But you must not be aware of the fact that the world celebrates the cheeseburger day, which falls on the 18th of September every year.


The burger is the yummiest food which is loved by the big time foodies in the whole world. Well, either you can go to eat burgers in the restro or there is the best burger in Dubai delivery to home.

Dubai is the place to watch out for trying the yummy burger with lots of cheese on cheeseburger day. There are some of the world class and best burger n Dubai mall and many more places where you can eat burgers at.

What is a cheeseburger?

Well, a cheeseburger is nothing but a hamburger, which is topped with loads of cheese. Traditionally, the slice of cheese is added to the layer of the mouth-watering patty made of different kinds of ingredients. This burger can include a vast variety if the structure is concerned, and as far as the ingredients in considered.

A cheeseburger can include the toppings, like lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mustard, yummy mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.

Who invented the cheeseburger?:

The yummy cheeseburger was invented in the mid 1920s. Lionel Sternberger is said to have introduced the cheeseburger in the year 1926 when he was the age of 16 and he was working as a fry cook at his father’s Pasadena, California sandwich shop.

How was the cheeseburger originated?

The cheeseburger has been originated from the US. The drool-worthy food which has been originated from USA and is being loved around the globe by the people who are fond of eating irrespective of their weight issues.

Well, to honor the cheeseburger day, you must sit at your favorite restaurant to try a yummy cheeseburger with your friends or the loved ones. If you love travelling to try food of various places, then here we present before you the list of lip-smacking burgers to try in Dubai on this cheeseburger day.

Here is the list of appetizing burgers to try on the cheeseburger day in Dubai:

10 Burgers to try on Cheeseburger day:

#1 Shake Shack:


Shake is located at various places in Dubai. It can be called as the roadside burger stand. They are top-rated place which serves the delicious burgers and much more, like hot dogs and yummy shakes. They make use of the local ingredients for making the tastiest burgers. The best place to satisfy your taste buds.

#2 SALT:


SALT is yet another place where you can enjoy the tasty burger in Dubai. This place serves the toothsome burgers. The best place to try the burger with cheese toppings in Dubai on cheeseburger day this year. You would love eating the burger and feel the soft sand between your toes and lovely sound of the sea. This place is located at the kite beach in Dubai.

#3 Moylos in Dubai:

This is yet another class place to try a yummy burger of the cheeseburger day in Dubai. This restro is well-known for American gourmet home-made burgers. They make yummy burgers by including amazing and fresh ingredients. This place appears to be elegant in looks as well as serving tasty burgers and much more for the foodies worldwide. This restro is located on the Jumeirah beach road in Dubai, UAE. You will also like Palm Jumeirah in Dubai- One Look, the astonishing tourist place.

#4 Meat Me There:

This is yet another marvelous place to try the burger in Dubai on this cheeseburger day. It offers world-class service to the customers. Their menu list shows as to what the chefs are good at and serves the best food. It is not that the yummy burger must be crammed with lot many ingredients, they just have to be of good quality in eating. This place is located at Al Souq Jumeirah Beach Road and Umm Suquim 2 in Dubai.

#5 Max Burger:


A Max burger as the name suggests, is the best place to try a burger on cheeseburger day. It is the oldest and highly favored burger chains of Sweden. They made a splash in UAE for satisfying the taste buds of the foodies in Dubai. They serve the delicious burgers with cheese to the burger lovers. The icing on the cake is that, their menus are of the affordable rates. They are located and various places in Dubai. If you have got a sweet tooth, you can also check top 7 cafes & patisseries in Dubai.

#6 Burger Joint:

This is also the best place for the foodies to try a burger on this cheeseburger day on September 18th. This restaurant has the elegant interior, graffiti and the railings which seems to be just like New York fire escapes. It includes the yummiest patties crammed inside the bread bun which just takes your taste experience to the next level. It is located in City Walk, Dubai. A burger joint in Dubai attracts all the foodie tourists of the world.

#7 Burger Rebel:


This place also serves the best burgers in Dubai for the foodies around the globe. Located at the Wafi mall and also at Souk Al Bahar, this place attracts the foodies who love to gobble burgers with loads of cheese. It includes the seasoned ground lamb along with the yummy cheese to satisfy your hunger to the core.

#8 CaliBurger:

This particular place has made a splash all the way from California to Dubai. The burgers served at CaliBurger are made with 100% lean beef, which tastes so yummy along with salad and the cheese in the burger. This venue is just so marvelous with sunny decor. It is also located on the Jumeirah Beach road in Dubai.

#9 Elevation burger:


This particular place must be put on the bucket list of all the foodies across the world. It is the best place in Dubai to try the yummy burger of cheeseburger day. On this cheeseburger day, one must definitely try one burger at elevation burger. The best place located at various places in Dubai. It serves the yummiest food.

#10 Fat burger:

If you love to travel to new places and enjoy yummy food, then this is the best place to try one burger in Dubai on cheeseburger day. You must opt for the triple Fatburger or must try their mouth-watering and appetizing mushroom, cheddar burger which tastes delicious to the core. Along with the burgers, they serve much more, like hand-scooped ice cream shakes.

Closing Thoughts:

Well, the above listed are the best places to try one yummy burger in Dubai on cheeseburger day.

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